Project: Hylo

What is Hylo?

HyLo (short for ‘Hyper Local’) is a real-time (time-based), location-based content distribution platform that can push out triggered information to any internet-connected devices such as mobile phones, tablet computers, digital signs, and more. The technology empowers local businesses to connect with consumers easily through a simple-to-use Web interface. The connection between nearby consumers and surrounding businesses is accomplished through a network of HyLo partners and distribution points. HyLo is steadily building a robust local distribution network that currently includes the Arizona State University State Press, Phoenix Magazine, Local First Arizona as well as Lowcountry Local First in Charleston, SC. HyLo’s technology is also being used by a number of public radio stations throughout the country in an effort to spearhead growth of the stations’ benefits to members from the local businesses within the various communities.

What did we I get wrong?
Just left Forty and started to do Freelance work, I was busy building out that business while trying to build Hylo, I thought I could do both. Underfunded and lack of focus on my part. It also didn't help that there were so many outside factors like Foursquare along with many other hyper-local like apps had just launched. The team was pretty solid but I was too removed and did not spend the time needed.

Over the years I have seen a lot of startups in this "hyper-local" space and when I look back on the other projects, I realize that I should have spent more time with this one. One of my passions is working with small locally owned businesses. AZ Restaurant association, Forty, Etc., all focused on helping the small business compete. A lot of lessons from this one.

Lesson: Focus, Focus and Focus.