About: Now

Updated Sept – 2020

On this page I will keep a list of things I am currently working on.

The idea of this page is inspired by an inspiration from Derek Sievers from nownownow.com

  1. During the day work with OnPart on numerous challenging projects
    - Data, Insurance, Collision Industry
  2. Freelance Projects for multiple businesses in the Midwest Region
  3. Building OV25.vc - The Mission: 1000 new jobs in 10 years for the midwest
  4. Mentoring numerous startups

  1. Bike rides
  2. Reading more
  3. Crypto Currency Trading

  1. Finishing the build out of game room in basement
  2. Create new content for this blog
  3. Working on being a great father and leader for my family
  4. Be Active in the community
  5. Planning out the backyard project for next year
  6. Taking a Ruby Class