Project: Forty

What was Forty: A Disruptor, An Agent of Change, it was The avengers of the web community, trying to always do the right thing.

What ever 30 Second Rule was not, Forty was. Forty was a force to be reconced with and I mean that in a good way. I didn't fully appreciate the impact we made on the community nor did I fully understand each of the members of this company. We started Refresh Phoenix, we launched Social Media Campaigns before most of the advertsing agency's even knew what social media was, we launched our own software, we pissed off the largest agency with April's jokes, hung out with some big names at SXSW and even became one of the first groups to join Gangplank at the candy distributor. If this is what being one of the cool kids was like, then I was in.

30 Second Rule and Forty, two small teams working together on projects for community when we decided to merge, it came down to a coin flip as to which name we would use. Ours or Forty, well Forty won and the rest was history.

So what happened? Simple, we were learning how to run a business while growing a business. We had the marketing and sales down, but we needed help in the operations side. So many missed checks, lack of follow up by team with customers, and the organization of everything. So many tools that we have access to now would have solved many of these issues, but we didn't have them and we were always adopting new tools so our consistency was off.

More to come on this