Random Thoughts this week.

These are not orginal, just reflecting on my meetings / notes from the week. Its been a ride and its about to get a lot crazier (YES).

  1. Listen to the noise the haters bring but ignore them. Let your results speak for you.
  2. All communities have the same Archetypes - The faster you figure out the better off you will be.
  3. Listen carefully, think and then respond. I have slowed way down this past year in my feedback. Not sure where I heard it but listen for the intent to hear what is being said vs listening for the moment you can respond.
  4. Team, Team and Team. I cannot stress enough but finding the right team and the right people is everything. Sometimes you may not realize how great of a team you have until its gone. The older I get the better I am at recognizing a great team
  5. All the research in the world will not give you the answer until you put the product infront of people. Sometimes just building the MVP is the fastest way to answer the question.
  6. Look for patterns in everything you do. You want change, know your patterns!
  7. Momentuem is everything in a startup.
  8. I have way to much stuff, its time to shed some things.
  9. Butterscotch malts are awesome
  10. When I listen to people talk about high school I get this uneasy feeling, I honestly don't remember much from those days? Is that strange?

PLEASE NOTE : The ideas, opinions and/or idiotic statments on this website are mine, I own them. I am human (to my knowledge) and if I make a mistake, post something out of line, let me know. While I am not out to piss people off, healthy debates are good and its what keeps the idea train moving forward.