Beyond Expectations

One year ago I started with a simple premise, can I build a micro-investment-like firm close to the concept of tiny seed (

Nothing crazy just really felt my background and skillset were perfect for helping others in my community to take their ideas to market with a minimal investment to see if their ideas have a place in the market. I was not looking for unicorns, simple straightforward concepts that could be taken to market in a relatively quick way.

The investment was to be no more than 10k to show traction. Once proven, more investment was available.

One year in and I can tell you this, while things are moving in the right direction, nothing went as planned. My biggest lesson, I need to start building a team.

I am just now getting to the point where I feel comfortable talking about the ideas, the people and the direction that this is taking. So expect more updates over the next few months and hopefully some reals success stories as well. Until then, thanks for playing.

Aaron (aka thePOSTMAN)

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