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PLEASE NOTE this is not written with chat GPT. This is all me.

So welcome to my website, this site is owned and operated by Aaron Post. I am reworking this site in Craft and preparing to launch a few side passion projects, last year I sold one and shut down the other side projects. It was fun but I think its time to focus a bit more. A majority of my attention on this little company called OnPart, started off about 6-7 years ago as an integrations platform but has grown so much since then. It's a small but effective team, but one that deserves my full attention at the moment.

As for this website, shifting it back to just consulting, projects and fun but no blogging. Its just not my thing as I have come to realize.

Aaron (aka thePOSTMAN)

PLEASE NOTE : The ideas, opinions and/or idiotic statments on this website are mine, I own them. I am human (to my knowledge) and if I make a mistake, post something out of line, let me know. While I am not out to piss people off, healthy debates are good and its what keeps the idea train moving forward.