What did I learn this past week.

Just some random observations from the week, some from work and others from personal side projects.

  1. If you want people to perform at their best, give them the room to fail.
  2. To-do list work for most cases, but when they don't work it sucks. Need to find a better type of to-do list.
  3. Find a song that helps flip that switch.
  4. Take meetings from new people as often as you can, that has been the "wow" moment this year for me.
  5. Its easy to get caught up in the Quarter by Quarter (Q4) mindset for goals, but sometimes its really valuable to step back and look at the progress to date.
  6. I try and maintain a healthy balance of work, side projects, mentoring, community involvment but sometimes you just need to set aside time for some Ted Lasso.
  7. No matter what anyone says, marketing is required even for great products or services.
  8. No-code projects that are used to test the market are 1000 times better than a survey that just ask questions, in my humble opinion
  9. Those second thoughts, ignore them because those are stories your brain starts to tell you when you are not putting 100% effort into something. Its a distraction. Keep moving.

PLEASE NOTE : The ideas, opinions and/or idiotic statments on this website are mine, I own them. I am human (to my knowledge) and if I make a mistake, post something out of line, let me know. While I am not out to piss people off, healthy debates are good and its what keeps the idea train moving forward.