And so it begins

I have attempted this so many times in the past, and yet I keep trying? I wish I could explain why I keep trying this, but here I am.

So where do I begin, at the beginning, I guess? One Orange Day is the personal site of Aaron Post. My work and all the other randomness that comes with that, you will find the good, bad, and ugly on this site, nothing to hold back. If I have failed at something, you will find it here, but if I have succeeded at something, you will see all the involved; none of my success was done alone. I have tried to be around and work with the smartest people in the room; it is because of them I read more, I can learn from my failures, and why I have had three successful exits from startups.

Getting back into the freelance work, I have already realized that how people see and think about technology has changed (I will be writing about this more later). I must admit, I am a bit picker in who I work with; if my gut tells me something is wrong or their values don't align, then unlike before, I will help them find other resources and move along. Life is to short to deal with that. I am a bit more focused on what I do and who I work with vs. the take anything approach.

Strange, after all these years, I would have thought web development would have become a bit easier while design would have become more complicated, but when I look around, it seems the opposite is true. Everyone is a designer, and the idea of building a simple HTML MVP is almost unheard of now.

One thing I should mention, this "blog" aspect is to really help me improve my writing skills. I admit it is probably my weakest skill set. I think I was a part of the "new" English program as a kid, not a good excuse, I know, but it is time to dig into this deficiency.

To the 1 or 2 people who actually read this, thanks.

PLEASE NOTE : The ideas, opinions and/or idiotic statments on this website are mine, I own them. I am human (to my knowledge) and if I make a mistake, post something out of line, let me know. While I am not out to piss people off, healthy debates are good and its what keeps the idea train moving forward.